NIO was attacked! We need your help to get back online and wage our war on abusers!

NIO was attacked! We need your help to get back online and wage our war on abusers!

by Camille Marino

Several months ago, we sustained two almost back-to-back DDOS attacks that were resolved rather quickly. It now appears that one of those was a little more sinister. We were hit with some kind of virus that has corrupted our configurations so that we cannot stay online. As soon as we go up, the servers overload. It is costing a fortune in technical support to isolate and extract the problematic scripts once and for all. My tech isolated a significant portion of the problem on Saturday night (a virus that’s sapping 75% of our resources). We’re almost there. But this is why NIO keeps going up and down.

We will continue to wage this war in the streets where we live and across-the-board through the internet. But we’ve been attacked and need our community’s help  while we work to get back online. Any contributions may be made through paypal to

Thank you in advance for your help, Camille

The following is from Ron Roberts.

Since its inception three years ago, NIO has become a powerful and unique voice in the movement for animal rights, as well as for the liberation of the planet and all beings from human oppression.

NIO has changed the rules by which animal activists engage abusers. The philosophy is simple yet profound; anyone who engages in the horrific treatment of any sentient being should no longer expect to remain anonymous. They and their family, friends, neighbors and colleagues should be made to face the awful truth.

NIO has opened a new front in the war to end animal exploitation and is a vital voice for the animals. In recent months, the financial burden in running NIO has been growing. This includes sizable administrative costs for a dedicated server and keeping up with technical innovations, as well as expenses associated with gathering the information necessary to expose sadistic torturers to the light of day.

In addition, there are many legal expenses involved in challenging the entrenched status quo and many potential legal avenues closed due to lack of adequate funding.

Animal agriculture and other abusers have unlimited money at their disposal to perpetuate their terrible lies and insinuate their unconscionable falsehoods into government and media. For NIO to continue to confront these moral criminals, the time has come for us to ask our supporters to make whatever financial commitment they can to the maintenance and growth of NIO.

Consequently, we have added a donate button to our site for your convenience. If the site is momentarily unavailable while our techs are working, please use paypal to send your contributions to Any money given will be used to continue the fight for animal rights. Unlike Peta, HSUS, ASPCA or most other animal welfare/rights organizations, every penny donated will go directly to the operations of NIO. Nothing will be taken for anyone’s salary or personal benefits. So please make whatever contribution you can to this vital voice for those who cannot speak for themselves and continue to do so on an ongoing basis.

For the Animals!!


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